The Whitening & Desensitizing Gel Pens - 3pk.

This bundle is to replace the used pens in the Express Whitening Kit, making it more affordable than buying a new kit!

The bundle comes with two (2) Whitening Gel Pens & one (1) Desensitizing Gel Pen. Perfect to restock your Express Whitening Kit


This pack saves 16% OFF the Whitening Gel Pens & Desensitizing Gel Pens individual sale price ($7.99).

Combines our safe 6% peroxide formula in a convenient twisting Gel Pen. 
With a couple of simple twists, the perfect amount will be pushed onto the bristles, ready to apply to your teeth.  

Whitening Gel & Desensitizing Gel Pens - 3pk

$23.97 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price